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Pen is Sexy

Posted: 9 March, 2011 in photography
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I lost 8 years worth of photos in a hoover vs external hard drive accident and became dis-enamoured with the whole digital photography scene that I think I might just love it all again thanks to the Olympus Pen EP-1.

A few test photos >>>

Olympus Pen EP-1

Olympus Pen EP-1

Olympus Pen EP-1

More photos here.


Hogmanay 2008/2009

Posted: 1 January, 2009 in photography

Hogmanay 2008/2009

What a view this was! New years celebrations in Edinburgh can start to get a little old if you live here but this will be one I will remember for a long time. I was more fascinated by how much the crowd were enjoying themselves than listening to the DJ’s. One of the guys from Hot Chip was there along with…now I want to say The Hoosiers but it may well have been Scouting For Girls. They are pretty much the same band so it’s not like it makes a difference since I can’t even remember what music they played. It was the atmosphere that I will remember – it was electric, and one of the only recent Hogmanay’s I actually enjoyed.

Roll on Hogmany 2009/2010 – bet you can’t top this one!

Klaxons @ The Corn Exchange

Posted: 28 November, 2007 in music, photography


More photos here.


Posted: 24 October, 2007 in music, photography


More photo’s here.

What’s Your Vice?

Posted: 1 September, 2007 in music, photography

So…I go all the way through to Glasgow for “Blyk & Vice Present…Unitaur” at the ABC and they may as well have held it in Edinburgh what with the Edinburgh scene kids out numbering the Glasgow scene kids 3 to 1. The myth that Glasgow is Scotland’s music mecca is something I have never understood and this will be the last time I ever go through to Glasgow for something like this. I made this mistake once before by going to “Indian Summer” and it won’t be one that I make again.

Having said this, I rather enjoyed myself. I got to hit someone with my camera when they thought that dry humping my ass and shoving me up against the stage repeatedly was a good idea. I don’t care how awesome Crystal Castles are – dinnae touch me. The only thing they will get if they force their over excitement on me is pain.

Crystal Castles

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And more photos on the Vice website here.

Biffy Clyro @ Potterow

Posted: 1 June, 2007 in music, photography

Biffy Clyro

More photos here.

Man’s Best Friend

Posted: 3 August, 2006 in photography

Inter-species relationships

I was walking along the street minding my own business when I happened upon this intimate moment between a dog and his master.

What you can’t see in this photo is that, fatigued from all the strenuous love making the gentleman in the photo decided to lay his weary drunken head down right next to a busy bus stop where not one person including myself thought it would be a good idea to wake him up and instead we all stood there watching or taking photos. Not that the dog cared.