“Jerk Alert!” is a lesser known quote from the classic movie “The Goonies”. The name came about when my first club night was in the works and I had to think of a club name. Along came some rum and a night of watching 80’s movies and hey presto, Jerk Alert! was born.

I am a firm believer that a DJ should never play music for themselves but for other people which is why almost my entire DJ music selection is made up from people’s requests over the years. It’s a very odd music collection to say the least!

Here comes the science…

I am a DJ and photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been a DJ for nine years now and I have played in various venues such as Cabaret Voltaire & The Speakeasy, The Hive, Electric Circus, Sneaky Petes, The Three Sisters. Clients for private parties include Van Der.

The photography side has been going for over 20 years now. My photos have been used in fine publications such as the Daily Record, The List, The Skinny, New Woman and Pulse magazine. I used to specialise in gig and club photography but I have taken upon myself to teach myself landscape photography over the past few years.